iPhone Speaker Audio Repair 

Can’t hear or be heard? Get information on what you can do if your sound is compromised?

From your earpiece to your loud speaker. We fix it fast. Get your screen fixed anytime of day and at a moments notice. Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom, Roseville and in between.

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Book your Speaker Audio Repair

Select from several options below to book your iPhone speaker, earpiece, microphone or  headset jack repair. From low audio to no audio, there is a fix for your device.

or click here to speak with an expert. 

You’ve increased the volume on your iPhone but it’s still hard to hear callers.

Or is it that the people you speak with is not able to hear you clearly. Whatever the cause there should be a fix. But first, in case you have a simple fix, check out the DIY video. If the issue remains, call or text us at (916) 250-1878

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Get free mobile service in the Sacramento Metropolitan region. We deliver service directly to you. No more driving, parking and waiting in line. A technician will arrive at your chosen location in as little as 60 minutes. So you can spend more time doing something else. See our coverage map below.

Can’t hear or be heard?

We will fix the damaged audio on your Phone. Rain or shine at almost any place we fix come to you and repair. Serving Sacramento, Elk Grove, Roseville, Folsomor in between.

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