Careers – Smartphone Repair

Become the Next

iPhone Technician

Now is your time to capitalize on society’s growing tech dependency & rising popularity of damage-prone Smartphones.

If you have the desire to learn, to grow, transform and improve, repairing iPhones could be a career for you.


Training & Support

You’ll learn to diagnose and repair. We’ll support you along the way.


Sales Ready Leads

We’ll connect you with customers ready to secure a quick repair.


Parts & Inventory

We keep you fully stocked and prep your inventory for easy installation.



We give you the keys to devise, construct and achieve success with a career in the Phone repair industry.

We will teach you to identify the internal and external components of an Apple device.

You’ll learn to troubleshoot, disassemble  assemble to repair both iPhones, and iPads.

We’ll show you how to delight and exceed customer expectations



Working hard to support you is more than our job. It’s who we are. Our driving purpose is to create opportunities for your career enhancement.

We teach, prepare and provide you with all the necessary tools to succeed.

We take care of just about everything from customer acquisition to customer retention.

We manage any customer escalations, and we work to mitigate chargebacks.

Customer Aquisition

Getting Customers

We use various guerrilla and grassroots technologies to gain exposure and convert potential customers into paying customers. The combination of a strong creative marketing plan as well as strategic partnerships we expect to result in a great volume of consumers who will request service.

Content & SEO
We use offers, price builders, and other content strategies to attract potential customers.

Paid Advertising
It is crucial to be visible from multiple channels. Paid ads help. They help to get even more exposure when paired with organic SEO efforts.

Brochures & Sales Kits
We use brochures, vinyl banners and apparel to market to large social groups and events throughout your city.

Business Stationery
We reinforce the brand across every medium, through the use of business cards, door hangers and various other print media.

partner ITECHS - iPhone Technicians
partner ITECHS - iPhone Technicians
partner ITECHS - iPhone Technicians


Parts & Inventory

We orchestrate the complex network of suppliers that fuel your  success. As a part of your supply chain, inventory management includes aspects such as controlling and overseeing what in you need on a daily basis. We take care of any returns you may acquire. We keep you stocked and your inventory prepped for easy installation. Your inventory will require an initial investment from you.

Pre-Tested Pre-Assembled LCD Screens

Pre-Installed Screen Protectors

Charged Replacement Batteries

partner ITECHS - iPhone Technicians

The Industry

Industry Research

There is an incredible market all over the United States for quality iPhone repair services. A new survey conducted by CNBC reports that 64 percent of Americans now own an Apple Product, up from 50 percent when the question was last asked several years ago.

The average American household reports owning 2.6 Apple products. Some smartphone owners — particularly millennials, minorities and lower-income Americans — depend on their device for internet access. 29% of smartphone owners describe their device as “something they can’t imagine living without”.

Although these electronic devices were initially perceived as throw away gadgets, contemporary mobile devices have increased in importance, complexity, cost, and functionality, making today’s devices less disposable and consumers much more likely to choose to repair it vs purchasing a replacement. 

The market size, measured by revenue, of the Cell Phone Repair industry is $4.0 Billion in 2020.

“Source.” IBIS World, Accessed 10 Jan. 2020.




The Opportunity

Damage-Prone Phones, Fragile Screens & Inaccessible Batteries.

Anyone who has ever experienced a device malfunction know problems don’t fall neatly between Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. They occur after-hours, on the weekends, during a scheduled vacation or unplanned pandemic.

We understand today’s consumers place greater importance in their higher-end electronics. When problems occur, they are less concerned about the time of day. They want their needs met in real time. Technicians are needed across the globe to perform these duties. Now is the time. 

Our Vision

Always On & Accessible – On-Site & On-Demand

We see a better way: A full cycle, frictionless process that will satisfy the consumers crave for immediate gratification. At any time of day, day or night. At almost anyplace, rain or shine. We are equipped and prepared to offer service to the customer wherever the device is located and at a moments notice. The entire process from booking to payment made simple.

Online Booking

partner ITECHS - iPhone Technicians

IPHONE Screen Repair

Don’t cut your finger. We can fix your iPhone screen just moments after the initial point of impact.

partner ITECHS - iPhone Technicians


We’re En-route. Track the technician’s location and estimated time of arrival in real time.


Payment Processing

partner ITECHS - iPhone Technicians

cash or electronic processing

Upfront pricing and secure payment processing. We’ve made it easy. 

Ready to Start Making Money? 

Here’s what you’ll need to start.


  • Meet the minimum age to work in your city
  • Own a car for transportation
  • Ability to purchase tools & initial inventory
  • Clear a background check or request an exemption.



  • Valid driver’s license or state I.D.
  • Proof of residency in your city, state
  • Proof of Auto Insurance
  • Obtain a Business License in 90 Days


Signup Process

  • Submit documents and photo
  • Meet with the On-Boarding Manager
  • Sign a Partnership Agreement