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Get fast iPhone Repair Service at any time of day. Rain or shine at almost any place you choose. We will fix your iPhone wherever it is located. Serving Sacramento, Elk Grove, Roseville, Folsom, and surrounding areas

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Get fast iPhone Repair Service at any time of day. Rain or shine at any place you choose in the Sacramento Metro Area.

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Take advantage of upfront pricing or use our Price Builder to create your deal. Save up to 30% over published repair prices.


Get a technician at your doorstep on your schedule. We are available to repair your broken iPhone 24/7/365.

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Sacramento – Folsom – Davis…(530) 832-TECH
Vacaville – Vallejo – Fairfield…..(707) 998-TECH
San Francisco – Oakland……….(510) 999-TECH
Stockton – Lodi – Galt…………….(209) 893-TECH

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Select the device you have. Get an instant quote and book your repair appointment. A technician will arrive at your chosen location in as little as 60 minutes.

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Need a new battery? Got water damage? No matter how mild or extreme, we’re here to fix almost any type of iPhone problem.

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What sets us apart

No brick & mortar, No waiting in line. We deliver service directly to you. Wherever you are located. So you can spend more time doing something else.


we're on-demand

Get service when you need it and at a moments notice. 


we're accessible

Technicians in your area available 24 hours a day.


we make it simple

Call us, text us, or book online, we’ll take care of the rest.

We’re different.

Availability: We understand that phone problems don’t fall neatly between Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. They also occur after-hours, on the weekends and during holidays. We offer our services to you 24 / 7 / 365.

Mobile Service: Convenience makes people happy. Driving and waiting in a lobby does not. We come to you so you get to avoid the stress of traffic, navigating and parking. You can skip the wait in line and get more things done.

Transparency: Watch us as we work hard to repair your device. You can ask questions and know that your device will remain securely within your reach to ensure your data remains safe.

PricingFind out how our flexible Price Builder helps you save money by allowing you to pay only for what you need. 


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How much does it cost?

Look No Further! We have the best pricing structure in all of California.

Pricing for any repair can be calculated by selecting from several options using our “flexible price calculator”.  As you add or remove these service options your price will calculate in real-time.

What if it can't be fixed?

No Fix, No Fee, Guarantee. If your device is determined to be irreparable, you don’t pay anything.

Do you provide a warranty

All repairs include a 30-day warranty. If you need a longer warranty period. You can bump up your warranty to a 6 or 12-month warranty period during the repair request.

Where can I get my Phone fixed?

We are mobile and can service the iPhone wherever it is currently located. Schedule us to come out to your home, office or workplace. Meet with us at a neighborhood library or coffee shop.

Will my data remain private?

You can rest assured that your personal data will remain secure during the repair process. Our repair process is fully transparent and your device will remain visible and accessible to you during the entire process.

Can I watch it be fixed?

Sure you can! And you are welcome to ask as many questions as you want during the repair process. 

How do I prepared for the technician?

When the technician arrives on-site to repair your device. He/she just needs your device and a place to sit to begin the repair. Nothing fancy is needed. 

Word on the Street

Def Recommend

Dropped my phone around 6:45pm, spiderweb cracks… ugh. Called this place around 7pm. They called me within 5 mins of my online request. The technician arrived at my house at 8pm. Reasonable Prices and an option to buy their warranty plan which covers 2 screen repairs for the next 12 months. Would def recommend.

Bailey V.

Sacramento CA, Yelp

Within 30 Minutes

I couldn’t have asked for better from Rick! He was responsive, friendly and switched my screen out within 30 minutes. He met me at a Starbucks near my house, how convenient!

The price was amazing, especially compared to everywhere else asking for double what he was. My phone works perfect and looks great! Thank you so much, Rick! Sending all my friends and family your way!!

Simone B.

Elk Grove CA, Yelp

Super Interesting

Such an life saver! I broke my phone screen and was looking for a repair place and I stubble upon this gem. It took rick about 20 minutes to fix my phone screen and during the time we exchanged stories and let me tell you, he’s a super interesting guy! I’ll leave out the details and let you ask him for yourself. But long story short great guy, great service & more then reasonable prices! Left with my phone looking brand new!

Anthony V.

Sebastopol, CA, Yelp

So Much Cheaper

We met at the Starbucks on campus where i had my class and he was more than happy to take my broken phone off my hands and fixed it in less than 30 minutes. Hes sooooo much cheaper than everyone else AND stayed true to his quote that he gave me. In order to fix my camera he will order a new part and come back and fix it for only $10 Super fast ! Super nice ! And awesome !

Stina T.

Sacramento State University, Yelp

We’re Passionate about fixing 

the inefficiencies that exist due to gaps in access

We understand that you place greater importance on your smartphone. When problems occur you are less concerned about the time of day. You want your device fixed in a moments notice.

Welcome to iPhone Technicians. Our goal is to help you to keep your devices running smoothly. We’re passionate about delivering a dramatically better tech support service for today’s multi-device, always-connected end-user.

In 2016, we imagined that smartphone tech support could be just a swipe on a magic glass away from being fulfilled. Extending your cognitive mental Neuro-architecture like a lucid dream as you summon an iPhone technician to serendipitously appear at your doorstep.

The proliferation of on-demand services like Yoshi, Food Jets, Carvana, and Insta-cart has made leaving the comfort of your home increasingly unnecessary. Leading you to expect  instantaneous and personalized services.

Let us do the work!

With over 10 years servicing well-known brands. We have the transactional experience and the tools to deliver the ultimate customer experience in iPhone repair service. Our approach is straightforward and transparent. We make it easy and enjoyable.  You get to avoid the stress of traffic, navigating and parking. You get to skip the wait and enjoy quick and reliable service on your terms.

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Vacaville: (707) 998-TECH

San Francisco: (510) 999-TECH

Stockton Lodi: (209) 893-TECH


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It is always a pleasure to serve the communities of Northern California We appreciate the customer loyalty and the overwhelming number of referrals. Thank you.

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