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Take advantage of upfront pricing or use our Price Builder to create your deal. Save up to 30% over published repair prices.


Get a technician at your doorstep on your schedule. We are available to repair your broken iPhone 24/7/365.

Citrus Heights – Retail Service (916) 250-1878
Sacramento – Mobile Service (530) 832-TECH
San Francisco – Mobile Service (510) 999-TECH
Vacaville – Mobile Service (707) 998-TECH
Stockton – Mobile Service (209) 893-TECH

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Enjoy the ultimate customer experience in iPhone repair service. Get your iPhone repair anywhere.


Quotes are upfront and prices are guaranteed. The price you see is the price you pay, in your driveway or at our shop. No Surprises.


Provide your location Preference . Your place or ours. Track the technician’s estimated time of arrival and location status in real time.


Screen Repair

Accidents happen. So can miracles.

iPhone Technicians can remove, and replace, your broken iPhone screen securely while in front of you in less than 30 minutes. Anything longer is a waste of time.


IPHONE Xs Max Screen Repair

Need a quick and affordable solution to fix your broken iPhone Xs Max display? 

IPHONE Xs Screen Repair

It’s a sad sad day when you shatter the glass on your iPhone 10s? Why not get that fixed right now.

IPHONE Xr Screen Repair

Quality, warranty, speed and price is a huge determining factor for consumers. You won’t find a better option to fix your iPhoe Xr cracked Screen.

IPHONE X Screen Repair

Cracked OLED? No problem. iPhone Technicians can repair a broken iPhone 10 display in a matter of minutes.

IPHONE 8 Plus Screen Repair

Don’t get broken glass in your ear. We can fix your 8+ LCD moments after the initial point of impact.

iPhone 8 Screen Repair

Broken iPhone 8 display? Give us about 20 minutes. We’ll work magic and make it look new again. 

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repair

Smashed > Cracked > Shattered your iPhone 7+.  You can trust that we will fix this the right way fast. 


Ever cut your finger on broken glass? Don’t do that! The iPhone 7 screen repair is very affordable. 

iPhone 6s+ Screen Repair

Glass falling out from the cracks on your iPhone 6s+ LCD screen? Call us, we’ll put it all back together again.

iPhone 6s Screen Repair

If your in the Sacramento region and have a broken iPhone 6s screen? We’ll bring the tools and service to you. 

iPhone 6+ Screen Repair

There are many different ways to break your iPhone 6 Plus LCD screen. Only one company to name your own price. 

iPhone 6 Screen Repair

Dropped, ran over, stepped on. No matter how you damage your iPhone screen. We’re available 24 hours a day. 

Battery Replacement

Battery drains insanely fast? Get an iPhone technician to fix it today.

Charger Port Repair

iPhone not charging? You’ve tried a new charger and still no luck. Get your  lightning port fix now. 

iPhone Camera Repair

Camera shaking, blurry or blank? Get this fixed in less than 30 minutes.

Water Damage Repair

Did your iPhone get wet? Get liquid water damage repair for your iPhone.

Back Glass Repair

Have you damaged back rear glass on your iPhone? We can fix this today. 

iPhone Audio Repair

Can’t hear or be heard? Get your iPhone Audio, speaker, or earpiece repaired in Sacramento.


Build your own Price! Create your own Deal!

Save a ton of cash on your iPhone repair by using our money saving Price Builder. Get your iPhone repaired on your terms and pay only for what you need. 

*Price Builder is exclusive to On-demand Mobile iPhone Repair.
Retail service not included. iPads repair not included.


Using our Price Builder®. You can create Your Own Price and save up to 30% over published repair prices. Choose your options, build and price. 

iPad Repair

When your iPad breaks, you can rely on us for help. We’re available 7 Days a week.

* Retail Walk-in service available. Pick-up & Delivery service available.

Watch Repair

Mobile & Retail Support

We understand that when problems occur you are less concerned about the time of day. You want your device fixed in a moments notice. Take advantage of our walk-in retail service or book our on-demand mobile service.

Retail Store

You can call ahead or walk right in. Even request pick-up and delivery service.

Mobile Service

We accommodate you at a moments notice, wherever, whenever, however you need us.

* 24 hour service limited to mobile repair service only. See specific retail location for their hours of operation. 

Retail Locations

Mobile Service Area

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Def Recommend

Dropped my phone around 6:45pm, spiderweb cracks… ugh. Called this place around 7pm. They called me within 5 mins of my online request. The technician arrived at my house at 8pm. Reasonable Prices and an option to buy their warranty plan which covers 2 screen repairs for the next 12 months. Would def recommend.

Bailey V.

Sacramento CA, Yelp

Super Interesting

Such an life saver! I broke my phone screen and was looking for a repair place and I stubble upon this gem. It took rick about 20 minutes to fix my phone screen and during the time we exchanged stories and let me tell you, he’s a super interesting guy! I’ll leave out the details and let you ask him for yourself. But long story short great guy, great service & more then reasonable prices! Left with my phone looking brand new!

Anthony V.

Sebastopol, CA, Yelp

Within 30 Minutes

I couldn’t have asked for better from Rick! He was responsive, friendly and switched my screen out within 30 minutes. He met me at a Starbucks near my house, how convenient!

The price was amazing, especially compared to everywhere else asking for double what he was. My phone works perfect and looks great! Thank you so much, Rick! Sending all my friends and family your way!!

Simone B.

Elk Grove CA, Yelp

So Much Cheaper

We met at the Starbucks on campus where i had my class and he was more than happy to take my broken phone off my hands and fixed it in less than 30 minutes. Hes sooooo much cheaper than everyone else AND stayed true to his quote that he gave me. In order to fix my camera he will order a new part and come back and fix it for only $10 Super fast ! Super nice ! And awesome !

Stina T.

Sacramento State University, Yelp

We’re different.

Availability: We understand that phone problems don’t fall neatly between Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. They also occur after-hours, on the weekends and during activities. Because of this, we’re available whenever, wherever and however you need us.

Mobile Service: Convenience makes people happy. Driving and waiting in a lobby does not. We come to you so you get to avoid the stress of traffic, navigating and parking. You can skip the wait in line and get more things done.

Transparency: Watch us as we work hard to repair your device. You can ask questions and know that your device will remain securely within your reach to ensure your data remains safe.

PricingFind out how our flexible Price Builder helps you save money by allowing you to pay only for what you need. 


Look Here!

How much does it cost to fix my iPhone?

Pricing for any iPhone repair can be easily found on our website by searching for your specific iPhone model. You can also find pricing by searching by repair type.

Additionally you have the option to customize and create your own price. To do this, simply use our price calculator to build your repair request. As you add or remove options, your custom price will calculate in real time.

What if my iPhone can't be fixed?

Occasionaly we may come across an iPhone that is deemed irreparable. If this ends up being the case, you pay nothing. This is our No Fix, No Fee, Guarantee. 

Does my repair come with a warranty?

All repairs include a limited 30-day warranty. If you would prefer a longer warranty. You can bump up your warranty period up to a lifetime of protection.

Where can I get my iPhone fixed?

Your iPhone can be fixed anywhere. Our On-Demand mobile repair service allows for us to fix your device wherever it is located.  

Schedule to have a technician repair your iPhone at your home, office or workplace. Additionally you can schedule to meet with a technician at a neighborhood library or coffee shop.

I've scheduled my repair, what do I do next?

Weather you booked online or by phone. The technician will confirm the appointment aproximetly 30 minutes prior to arrival. When the technician arrives, he/she just needs your device and a place to get started. This can be inside or outside. At a table or at a vehicle. We’re prepared for virtually anything. 

Will my data remain private?

You can rest assured that your personal data will remain secure during the repair process. Our repair process is fully transparent and your device will remain visible and accessible to you during the entire process.

Can I watch my iPhone get fixed?

You are more than welcome to sit face-to-face with and watch our technician as he/she works on your iPhone. You can ask as many questions as you would like.



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