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Enabling effective iPhone repair service during the coronavirus Pandemic and the Stay at Home Order. Fixed at your location, curbside of your premises while in plain view.

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View Sacramento Co. Public Health Order.

Coronavirus iPhone Technicians April 4, 2020

It’s a challenging time &

We are in this together!

COVID-19 – otherwise known as Coronavirus disease – has been dominating our headlines. While it is spreading quickly across parts of Sacramento and beyond, our staff is taking extreme measures to protect the health and safety of our customers and ourselves.

Curbside iPhone Repair

Our process starts with contact-less interaction with our customers. Social distancing is a set of non-pharmaceutical infection control actions intended to stop or slow down the spread of COVID-19. Our technicians will practice social distancing by repairing your device inside of his/her vehicle. While in some cases, the technician may set up a small table outside of your home or office to complete the repair.

Essential Services Sacramento

Defined as Maintenance of Telecommunication systems. We carry out this service in compliance with Social Distancing Requirements as defined in the Sacramento County Public Health Order.

Personal Protection Equipment

Our technicians are equipped with a medical-grade disposable face mask. We wear gloves that meet the personal protective equipment 21 CFR 177.2600 requirements by the FDA.

Disinfecting Procedure

Thorough disinfecting routines have been implemented into our repair process to help reduce infection control issues, and minimize the risk of contamination. To help address the possibility of mobile phone surface contamination, we use disinfectants know to Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including 8 cold and flu viruses. We disinfect devices before the repair process even starts. This disinfecting process takes 4 minutes to complete. After the repair process we use disinfecting wipes again to disinfect, followed by the use of electronic wipes to finalize the cleanliness and look of your device before returning it to you.

Contact-less Payments

We are accepting contactless payments. ApplePay, Cash-app, Venmo and PayPal are recommended forms of payment. Although we discourage cash payments, it will accept when placed inside of a ziplock bag or envelope. Paperless receipts are available upon request via email. Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery of your invoice receipt.

Curbside: Residence & Office

Customers can now opt-in to “Meet the technician at the door” or “Leave their device at their front door” when they see the technician has arrived.

There is no need for the technician to enter the premises. The service tech will complete the repair outside of your home in plain view. Once the service has been completed, payment can be processed electronically and the device returned to the front door for retrieval.

Curbside: Medical Centers & Hospitals

Our staff will wear full body protection while meeting with you at the medical facility to collect your device. The technician will take your device and will complete the repair outside of the premises while remaining onsite. Once completed the technician will return to the meeting location in 30 to 35 minutes to return your device.


As the pandemic continues to evolve, new techniques will be added, and existing ones will be updated to best reflect the changing context.

On behalf of our local workforce here at iPhone Technicians, stay safe and thank you.

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Effective Service During COVID-19

On-Demand & Mobile

Fixed at your location

Enjoy curbside phone repair at your home or office.


Book your repair. Get confirmation. Track the technician’s location and estimated time of arrival in real time.


  1. Meet the technician at you door
  2. We’ll fix it outside in plain view
  3. Pay electronically 

*We use disinfectants know to Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including 8 cold and flu viruses. We are currently accepting ApplePay, Cashapp, Venmo and Paypal. Ask for special instructions regarding cash payments.

View Sacramento Co. Public Health Order.