iPhone 6 Screen Repair

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iPhone 6 Screen Repair – Dropped, ran over or stepped on. No matter how you damaged it. We can help get it repaired. Don’t have AppleCare+ coverage?

We’ll fix your iPhone 6 screen using the best materials and back your service with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Book now for same day, reliable iPhone 6 screen repairs curbside to your location.



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In order to determine which repair solution is best for you, tell us about the device you need help with. 

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Premium LCD Screen ∙ iPhone 6 Lifetime Warranty | 20 Minute Repair | ★★★★★ $65
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New Battery ∙ iPhone 6 Pro Installation | 12 Month Warranty | 15 Minute Repair $60
Charger Connector ∙ 6 Professional Grade | 12 Month Guarantee | 30 - 40 Minute Repair $85


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iPhone 6 Screen Repair – Walking around with a broken iPhone 6 screen isn’t recommended. Doing this can potentially increase the risk of causing additional damage to your device. If your glass is cracked, you should get it fixed by an iPhone technician asap. A cracked glass on an iPhone 6 is an easy fix. The screen replacement process takes less than 30 minutes.

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind. If you have a broken screen, you should get it fixed as soon as possible.

  • Glass can cut your finger while swiping.
  • Glass can get into your ear when putting the iPhone up to your face.
  • The internal components of your iPhone can become exposed to moisture or liquid if the screen is compromised.
  • The screen can stop working all together leaving you stranded and unable to call for help.

Trust our expert technicians at iPhone Technicians® to get your iPhone 6 screen repair asap. We know how important it is to correctly fix your broken power window before it becomes a major inconvenience.


Alternate Description: iPhone 6 GORILLA® Glass, iPhone 6 Screen, iPhone 6 Display, Phone 6 Digitizer, iPhone 6 LCD,

Service Includes: 1 x iPhone 6 LCD screen assembly installed. This part has been rigorously tested & performs just like the OEM part used for the same purpose. There are no scratches, blemishes or other refurbished looks and it is 100% working and comes with a warranty which covers all mechanical and electrical failures that occur during normal use.