iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair

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iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair
iPhone 8 Glass Replacement

Learn what do do when your iPhone 8 back glass is cracked.

First, you want to prevent small pieces of glass from falling off your iPhone 8. This glass could easily cut your hand or even worse get into food while you are eating.

Tip: Add tape to hold the broken shards of glass in place. Next, contact us to schedule a time to have us remove the broken glass and install a new glass on the housing of your iPhone 8.


iPhone 8 Plus Back Glass Repair

The iPhone 8’s cracked back glass has become increasingly more popular day by day. To avoid additional damage to your iPhone and fingers you should get this repaired as soon as possible. Although easy to crack. Repairing the issue is extremely difficult. Let the experts at iPhone Technicians do the dirty work.

Alternate Product Description: iPhone 8 Rear GORILLA® Glass, iPhone 8 Back Glass, iPhone 8 Housing, Phone 8 Mid-Frame, iPhone 8 Chasis.

iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair Service Includes: 1 x replacement glass to replace the damaged rear glass. This part has been rigorously tested to perform just like the OEM part used for the same purpose. There are no scratches, blemishes or other refurbished looks. It is 100% working and comes with a warranty which covers all mechanical and electrical failures that occur during normal use.

The service technician will remove the defective or damage back glass  and replace it with a brand new glass. Old components are collected and sent for recycling or provided to the customer upon request.

For “over the phone” troubleshooting issues with your  iPhone 8 , call us from a device other than the one you need help with.