Earn $300 to $600 a Day fixing phones

If you have the desire to learn, to grow, transform and improve, repairing iPhones could be a career for you.
Your iPhone Battery and its performance

Earn an Amazing $100k your very first year

iPhone Technicians are currently seeking a passionate and enthusiastic technically minded person to join our growing team. Good attention to detail is a must, and good experience in working with smartphones is always a plus.

We offer attractive compensation and the chance to be working for an expanding company in a growing industry. Not only that, but we will give you the keys to devise, construct and achieve success with a career in a burgeoning service-industry. In this role you can be your own boss, earn on your schedule, and get paid instantly, potentially earning $300-$600 or even more per day.

We’ll give you the necessary training and support to get where you aspire to be:


You’ll learn to diagnose and repair. We teach, prepare and provide you will all the tools you’ll need to flourish in this industry:

  • We will teach you how to identify the internal and external components of an Apple device
  • You’ll learn how to troubleshoot, disassemble & assemble both iPhones and iPads
  • We’ll show you how to deal with customers so you can exceed both their expectations and yours


Working hard to support you is more than our job: it’s who we are. Our driving purpose is to create opportunities for your career enhancement. When you thrive, we thrive, and no matter what level of business experience or expertise you already have, you’ll get expert help from real people providing winning strategies.

“The iPhone Repair Industry is worth $4 Billion, Want a Piece”?

The market size, measured by revenue, of the Cell Phone Repair industry is $4.0 Billion in 2020.

“Source.” www.ibisworld.com IBIS World, https://www.ibisworld.com/industry-statistics/market-size/cell-phone-repair-united-states. Accessed 10 Jan. 2020.




The Truth about the iPhone Repair Industry

The average American household reports owning 2.6 Apple products, with 29% of smartphone owners describing their device as “something they can’t imagine living without”. The figures are only going up too, with a recent survey reporting that 64 percent of Americans now own an Apple Product, up from 50 percent when the question was last asked several years ago.

Although these electronic devices were initially perceived as throw away gadgets, contemporary mobile devices have increased in importance, complexity, cost, and functionality, making today’s devices less disposable and consumers much more likely to choose to repair it vs purchasing a replacement. That being the case, it’s no wonder then that the market size of the Cell Phone Repair industry is on track to generate $4 billion of revenue in 2020. Those figures are only set to rise.

Anyone who has ever experienced a device malfunction know problems don’t fall neatly between Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. They occur after-hours, on the weekends, during a scheduled vacation or unplanned pandemic.

We understand today’s consumers place greater importance in their higher-end electronics. When problems occur, they are less concerned about the time of day. They want their needs met in real time. Technicians are needed across the globe to perform these duties and we want you to be a part of it.


Make $300 to $600 A Day Fixing iPhones ITECHS - iPhone Technicians
Make $300 to $600 A Day Fixing iPhones ITECHS - iPhone Technicians
Make $300 to $600 A Day Fixing iPhones ITECHS - iPhone Technicians

Ready to Start Making Money? 

Here’s what you’ll need to start.


  • Meet the minimum age to work in your city
  • Own a car for transportation
  • Ability to purchase tools & initial inventory
  • Clear a background check or request an exemption.



  • Valid driver’s license or state I.D.
  • Proof of residency in your city, state
  • Proof of Auto Insurance
  • Obtain a Business License in 90 Days


Signup Process

  • Submit documents and photo
  • Meet with the On-Boarding Manager
  • Sign a Partnership Agreement