Google Banned iPhone & Cell Phone Repairs

Adwords v. Consumer Electronics Repair Industry (2018)

Google AdWords is a crucial part of any company’s digital advertising strategy. In short, it is the ability to immediately reach a potential customers the very moment they search for services and or products you offer. Recently, Google implemented its new policy that restricts Adwords advertisement by third-party technical support service providers. This means that services like cell phone repair, iPhone repair, computer, MacBook and game console repair are all banned from advertising using Google’s Adwords platform.

Google Banned iPhone & Cell Phone Repair ITECHS - iPhone Technicians

What happened to my iPhone Repair Adwords?


Google search not displaying cell phone repair?


Pay-per-click keyword not showing in search results.

Restrictions for third-party technical support advertisements comes after Google has seen a rise in misleading ad experiences stemming from third-party technical support scammers and have decided to begin restricting ads in this category globally. Google to tech-support scammers: We’re about to get even tougher on your ads! All advertisements for technical support will be restricted across the globe even for legitimate third-party service providers.

Bing Ads Restrictions Third party service providers

Google is not alone on this matter, Microsoft Bing says; No more shady third-party ads for tech support. Both Microsoft and Google found it difficult to differentiate legitimate services provider from fraudulent acts and scams. They both have tightened their respective advertising policies to stamp out the promotion of services that harm consumers.

So what is going to happen next?

How will legitimate businesses of the iPhone & cell phone repair industry survive?

For years legitimate third-party services provider like iPhone Technicians in Sacramento California have depended on Google Adwords for the purpose of lead generation. A representative of iPhone Technicians said their company has no choice but to pivot and focus more on their SEO to gain lead generation through favorable organic positioning in search engines.

Google says that they are working to implement their verification program so they know who are the legitimate advertisers. Currently, the program is in beta and available only to locksmiths and other similar businesses in San Diego, Sacramento,  San Francisco, and Stockton CA.  ???? Try typing “locksmith” in your google search bar. You’ll notice at the top of the search results local locksmith companies sponsored advertisements displayed with the “Google Guaranteed” icon.

Google Banned iPhone & Cell Phone Repair ITECHS - iPhone Technicians
Google Banned iPhone & Cell Phone Repair ITECHS - iPhone Technicians

 Any businesses that want to become a “Google Guaranteed” provider must go through a strict screening process. This is to include by background checks, license, and insurance verifications as well as a screening of your customer feedback and ratings. Any consumer that works with a Google Guaranteed business and is unsatisfied can submit a claim directly to Google. Any service booked with a Google Guaranteed business must be done to the customers’ satisfaction or the customer can receive their money back. Services done by a Google Guaranteed businesses are guaranteed for up for $2,000.

So, if you are a locksmith or garage door service tech and you want to get your business back on Google you can signup here or you can email to start your advertising campaign. Note: Google says that they are only accepting applications for businesses in these categories and locations: United States: Locksmith services, Garage door services. Update: 10-20-2021, this page is no linger in use by google. 

We assumed that this same advanced verification program will also be used to verify legitimate service providers of the cell phone, iPhone, computer, MacBook and game console repair industries. Until then, this policy will have negative impacts with potentially severe consequences to many legitimate businesses and startups worldwide.

To prepare for the Google Guarantee in your area be sure to:

  • Ensure your business is properly licensed and insured.
  • Create, verify and maintain your Google My Business page.
  • Address negative reviews and ask satisfied customers to leave your business reviews on Google and other review platforms.
  • Sign up for the program as soon as it becomes available to your business type and area.

Learn more about Google’s guarantee verification program and requirements. 

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