iPhone Battery Repair Service

Battery drains insanely fast? Get information on what you can do if your battery life is too short.

Battery replacements are fast and easy. We can get you a new battery installed in minutes. Call to get your new battery anytime of day and at a moments notice. Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom, Roseville and in between.

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Select from several options below to book your iPhone battery replacement repair. No longer will you have to keep your iPhone connected to a charger source while in use. You’ll have the ability to enjoy a full day of battery life on just a single charge. Get your new battery today.

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You charged your battery 100% but it dains in just a few hours. 

Wondering when to change your iPhone battery? It’s easy to tell if it needs replacing. Here are some indicators that your iPhone might require a new battery: dimmer backlight than normal; lower speaker volume; stuttering screen when scrolling; frame-rate reduction in some game apps; and longer app-launch times. You can check the health out your current battery right now. Just go to Settings > Battery and tap on Battery Health.

See 70 to 80 percent? Although you may get a full day’s use from your current battery, we still recommend getting a new one. Our batteries come with a lifetime warranty.  A replacement battery will improve the performance of the device. You’ll notice an increased use time throughout the day. You may also notice an increase in processing speed.

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Get free mobile service in the Sacramento Metropolitan region. We deliver service directly to you. No more driving, parking and waiting in line. A technician will arrive at your chosen location in as little as 60 minutes. So you can spend more time doing something else. See our coverage map below.

Need a new Battery?

We will remove and replace your iPhone battery wherever it is located. Rain or shine at almost any place in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Roseville, Folsomor in between.

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